About Kristin

Waiting in the carHello World…this is me, life should be…fun for everyone! (I love that song!)

Well, I am a wonder-wife (in my  mind), a mother of two amazing daughters (that’s the truth), and a licensed clinical social worker by trade (I have the paper to prove it.) I’m a writer at heart, though, and have been since winning my first writing award in third grade. I write a little bit of everything, but I’m most proud of my other blog (which is a bit neglected…not proud of that fact), http://www.theballerinalife.com. I used to have a column in a local paper called “I’m just saying…” so I guess it’s too bad you aren’t supposed to say that any longer. Oh well, I still do, so there!

This blog is about my foray into fitness using Beach Body and the 21 Day Fix. Okay, so mainly I’m going to follow their rules and try to drop some excess weight that found me in my 40’s and try to become more healthy, ie, fit! I will of course do it in my ever so snarky manner.

And seriously, if it was meant for me to be nice, people and things wouldn’t make it so easy for me to be a…well, let’s just say it rhymes with itch! So, pleased to make your acquaintance and join me for what is sure to be a wild ride! Feel free to drop me a comment (but remember, if you can’t say anything nice…) or email me if you’d like to add a guest blog sometime about your weight loss and fitness journey. That address is kristinbrownfrancis@gmail.com! Please put something about the blog in your subject line so I don’t send it to spam!

See you soon!


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