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Legs of steel…

Day 3 of my 21 Day Fix and my legs are made of steel…if steel feels a little bit like a weakened rubber band. The Leg Fix was killer. Yikes! But, I could feel it working and the sweat was pouring.

While I know it’s only day 3, I swear I already feel stronger, more energetic, more motivated, and just all around better. Now, whether that is my mindset or if it is seriously the workout, well, that remains to be seen. But, I can definitely tell you, things are looking up! I’m hoping when I have my first weigh in this weekend, it shows that I’ve lost at least a pound or two. Although, if I haven’t, I will still feel good about my progress because at the very least, I’m working hard.

Yeah, yeah…I’d be bummed to not lose any weight, but hey, weight is nothing but numbers on a scale. To feel better and look better at any weight I obtain is the goal!

So today you get a break. A super short blog. Why? Because it hurts to sit in the computer chair from my buns of steel in the making. Plus I need a shower. And some sleep. And some bacon. Oh wait…can’t have bacon. Well, maybe this weekend I’ll make a couple baked pieces of turkey bacon as a treat.