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All the knowledge…

Tonight I’m going to impart the knowledge I’ve learned over the last week since I began my 21 Day Fix journey. So, it’s not a lot, yet, I feel excited that I’ve learned anything. I’ve said this isn’t just about losing weight…and it’s not…I guess deep down I thought the numbers were really what I was hoping for. But, guess what? Sometimes the journey teaches you other things. My list of learnings!

  1. I. Hate. Chocolate Shakeology. There. I said it. I’m un-American because I don’t like something chocolate. In my defense, chocolate isn’t really my home boy, anyhow. Unless it is wrapped around peanut butter in the shape of an egg.
  2. I’m luke warm about the vanilla Shakeology. Hopefully I will figure out the right mix for the fix, because I really want to make this work. And while I don’t have a deep relationship with chocolate…I do love vanilla. So, fingers crossed our relationship is just in the awkward “getting to know you” stage.
  3. I, Kristin Francis, absolutely LOVE strawberry Shakeology. I mixed it with a banana, ice, almond milk and voila, the perfect breakfast smoothie! Yummy. Every last drop. See, I’m not just a hater!
  4. I will not continue with Shakeology once I’m done with the initial 21 Day box. Why? Well, see #1 and 2. I feel like I can (hopefully) manage my diet better at all meals. I’m already eating less, quitting when I’m full, and I find I’m able to say no to the extras.
  5. I ate 2 Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs today. I just couldn’t say no…not this one time. I’m so-so about the regular cups, but the eggs…more PB and less chocolate. And my oldest bought them for me. How could I turn them down? And since the Fix began, I’m finding I don’t beat myself up.
  6. I hate working out at home. I’m enjoying the videos and Autumn is a blast, but I hate doing it at home. Perhaps it’s because I love going to The Hub. I enjoy the equipment and the treadmill and the bike. I know, I’m strange. So, while I will continue the videos on occasion, especially the ab fix, I will go back to the gym.
  7. I lost 2 pounds this past week. Even with my goofs and the day of doing nothing positive. I still feel like I look better and I KNOW I feel better. Today, I did over 7000 steps and 9 flights of stairs and I never once felt winded.
  8. This journey is about so much more than weight. It’s about feeling better. Feeling more confident. Being positive. Feeling like a better mom and wife. Being a more positive coworker. Being a positive therapist. It’s about being the best version of me that I can be.
  9. Finally, I’ve learned that all of these things are worth it. Had I never lost control of my weight, I would have never realized just who I want to be.

I really hope you join me in your own journey. No matter what it is. Have a great night.


I can see clearly now…

Day 4 of my 21 Day Fix. Today’s blog is going to be a bit different. I’m going to wax philosophic. Okay, not totally, but I am writing this before I got do my Yoga Fix.

Just now I got changed into my jammies. Yeah, I know it’s only 6 pm, but I am all about comfort. This week has been interesting. I’ve found I absolutely HATE the chocolate Shakeology. I tried it Monday and barely got it down. Granted, I’m not a huge chocolate lover, but didn’t care for it. Today I tried it again, this time with coffee. I didn’t even get half of it down before I started the choke you do before barfing. I didn’t, but I do know chocolate will not be in my rotation. I am not trying to be disrespectful or rude, but honest. Tomorrow is strawberry. Very hopeful it will be my favorite.

So, back to being profound and pensive (or not.) This has been quite a week. Personally and professionally. My oldest is hurting over a breakup (she ended it) this past August. When she realized she wanted to undo what she did, he wasn’t willing to give her another chance. My youngest broke up with her boyfriend last week because he wanted more than she was willing to give. Being a mom of two single teens with hurt hearts, sucks.

Second, it’s almost prom season. And in case you missed the last paragraph, my girls are single. Don’t give me the whole, “oh they can go alone” speech. My youngest is a freshman and can’t go solo and my oldest believes prom is meant to be a date dance.

Third, Veronica will be heading off to college in August. While it’s only January, my heart is already heavy. I’m so excited for what her future holds, but dang, it will be so weird when she heads off. Graduation announcements and invitations, cap and gown, committing to a school…ack, too…much…feels!

Professionally it’s been a bit trying as well. I have the best career there is. But, it can be trying at times. Yesterday it seems everything I did was wrong. I almost ran a doctor over twice in the hallway, then twice walked in on him in an exam room. In my defense, he hadn’t changed the light color, so I assumed it was okay for me to enter, but still…I was embarrassed. Plus, all the referrals crossing my desk for those needing counseling, well, I’m going to be very busy. And working where I do, there are always a million (give or take a few) snacks around that are unhealthy. And the physicians buy lunch regularly. Again, wonderful yet unhealthy.

Today I weighed. I know I shouldn’t already, but I did. And guess what? I’ve lost 2 pounds. Now, whether that is from the 4 days of my Fix or not, I don’t know, but results are results. I was pretty darned excited.

Now back to my jammies. As I changed I caught my reflection in the mirror and I felt my tummy looked a little flatter. Is it in my imagination? Reality and my brain tell me yes that after 4 days my abs can’t possibly be flatter. But that image, whether true or not, made me realize this journey of 2016, this quest for health and well-being, is definitely where I want to be headed.

Anyone can begin a journey like this. Perhaps it’s just walking from your front door to your mailbox. Perhaps it’s preparing for a marathon. Maybe it’s trying to be healthy enough to have chemo or radiation. Whatever your goals…it’s never too late and no goal is too small.

Be the you that you want to see in the mirror.